Would Sgt. Pepper's be exactly the same without Peter Blake's cover ? At a time when full-length records do not mean much any longer and album covers even less, I found interesting to make a website on sleeve design. Long before videos, record covers were the visual embodiment of music, a way to put images on sound. I remember having spent hours as a teenager detailing the cover of records while listening to them. Later on, I realised that some of them had things in common in their design, revealing either a mere sign of the times or a more deliberate connection. Some records even obviously copied famous sleeves, as a tribute or as a mockery. Here is a collection of record covers I came across, which share some common visual features.

Cubist jazz-rock guitar

Al Di Meola

The Best of Al Di Meola: The Manhattan Years (1992)

Earl Klugh

The Best of Earl Klugh, Vol.2 (1992)


The Rolling Stones

Rock and Roll Circus (1968/96)

The Rolling Bidochons

The Singles Collection (1998)

The sound machine

Pink Floyd

Relics (1971)


...Broad Cast (2006)

Flash lights

Bryan Ferry

In your Mind (1977)


Sexor (2006)

Stencil on parchment

Sigur Rós

Takk... (2005)

The Rasmus

Hide from the Sun (2005)

The family portrait

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Déjà vu (1970)

Bläck Fööss

1989 em Millowitsch-Theater Live (1989)

Blue moods

Kenny Burrell

Midnight Blue (1963)

Elvis Costello

Almost Blue (1981)

Orange sunset

James Iha

Let it Come Down (1996)

K.D. Lang

Invincible Summer (2000)

Pleased to meet...

The Beatles

With the Beatles (1963)

The Rutles

Meet the Rutles (1963)

The Beatles

Meet the Beatles! (1964)

The Residents

Meet the Residents (1974)


Land of Confusion (Single) (1986)

The Muppets

With the Mupples (1994)


Meet the Covers! A Tribute to the Beatles (1997)

This Happy Breed

It's a Black and White World! (1999)


A Garage Dayz Nite (2001)

The Barkers

Meet the Barkers! (2005)


A Buddha Lounge Tribute to the Beatles (2007)

Black and white stripes


White Music (1978)


Parrallel Lines (1978)

Two-part plane

Death Cab for Cutie

The New Year (Single) (2004)

Beastie Boys

License to Ill (1986)

Noise and fuzz

The Jesus and Mary Chain

Darklands (1987)

The Libertines

Up the Bracket (2002)

Berlin pantomime

Iggy Pop

The Idiot (1977)

David Bowie

"Heroes" (1977)

The poor little girl

Britney Spears

Britney (2001)

Happy Apple

Youth Oriented (2003)

Girls and monsters

The Rolling Stones

Some Girls (1978)

The Rolling Bidochons

Sales Gueules (1991)

Opium Jukebox

Sticky Bhangra (2002)

Ambrosia and Meredith


I Oughtta Give You a Shot in the Head... (1999)

Meredith Brooks

Deconstruction (1999)