Would Sgt. Pepper's be exactly the same without Peter Blake's cover ? At a time when full-length records do not mean much any longer and album covers even less, I found interesting to make a website on sleeve design. Long before videos, record covers were the visual embodiment of music, a way to put images on sound. I remember having spent hours as a teenager detailing the cover of records while listening to them. Later on, I realised that some of them had things in common in their design, revealing either a mere sign of the times or a more deliberate connection. Some records even obviously copied famous sleeves, as a tribute or as a mockery. Here is a collection of record covers I came across, which share some common visual features.

Punctuation marks

Ray Anderson

What Because (1990)

!!! (Chk Chk Chk)

!!! (2000)

Portrait drawing

Neil Young

Neil Young (1968)


Color by the Number (1969)

Sitting on a chair in water

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

Summer of Fear (2009)

Dolores O'Riordan

No Baggage (2009)

Made in Japan

Deep Purple

Made in Japan (1972)

Elio e le Storie Tese

Made in Japan (2001)

Dip Apple

Made in Japan (2015)

Dark and twisted

Kanye West

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (unused cover) (2010)

Jon Connor

The Late Registration of a College Dropout Who Had a Dark Twisted Fantasy of 808s and Heartbreak (2014)

Bare-chested Jim

The Doors

The Best of The Doors (1985)


Savage Pencil Presents... The Antiquack - A Dead Duck Selection (1999)

Under a tree

Jake Holmes

A Letter To Katherine December (1968)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969)

Girl portrait drawing

The Apartments

A Life Full of Farewells (1995)

Leonard Cohen

Dear Heather (2004)

In flames

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Street Survivors (1977)


Under Lock and Key (1985)

Camouflage Jeep


Gorillaz (2001)


Dub by Studiored (2016)

Singer dancer sketch

Chaka Khan

I Feel for You (EP) (1984)

Tina Turner

Tina Live in Europe (1988)

Dead sunflowers

Dead Can Dance

Anastasis (2012)

Bridges Of Königsberg

T-Girl (EP) (2014)

Coloured Squares

Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Stephen Stills

Super Session (1968)

Vanilla Fudge

Near the Beginning (1969)

Jerry Garcia Band

Let It Rock - The Jerry Garcia Collection, Volume 2:

Keystone Berkeley, November 17 & 18, 1975 (2009)

Buena Vista


Buena Vista Social Club (1997)

Captain Everything

Buena Vista Bingo Club (2006)


Buena Vista Social Club at Carnegie Hall (2008)

Speaker grid


Radio-Aktivität (1975)


Perspectives (2017)

Messy curly hair

Bob Dylan

The Bob Dylan 60's Collection (2009)

Daniel Romano

Mosey (2016)

Skull (profile)

The Kinks

To the Bone (1986)


Death Row (1994)

Alphabet soup pasta

The Jesus and Mary Chain

Damage and Joy (2017)


Young, Dumb and Full of... (2017)

Circus tricks

The Doors

Strange Days (1967)


Entertainment (1969)

Snow globe

Book of Love

Candy Carol (1991)


Sounds of the Satellites (1997)

Red setting sun


Cactus (1970)

Black Renaissance

Body, Mind & Spirit (1976/2002)

Band on a glacier

The Fucking Champs

V (2002)


Restriction (2015)

Now and then

Phil Collins

Face Value (1981)

Phil Collins

Face Value (Deluxe) (2016)

Phil Collins

Hello, I Must Be Going ! (1982)

Phil Collins

Hello, I Must Be Going ! (Deluxe) (2016)

Phil Collins

No Jacket Required (1985)

Phil Collins

No Jacket Required (Deluxe) (2016)

Phil Collins

...But Seriously (1989)

Phil Collins

...But Seriously (Deluxe) (2016)

Phil Collins

Both Sides (1993)

Phil Collins

Both Sides (Deluxe) (2016)

Phil Collins

Testify (2002)

Phil Collins

Testify (Deluxe) (2016)

Phil Collins

Going Back (2010)

Phil Collins

The Essential Going Back (Deluxe) (2016)